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© 2019 Certified Hypnotist. NLP Master Practitioner. Keynote Speaker. Speaker Coach.

About Harsh

Harsh Singhal is certified Hypnotist from the NLP Center of New York (Manhattan, New York, USA), an accomplished Neuro Linguistics Programming Master Practitioner with over 1400+ hours of in-field experience working with thousands of persons, a Conversational Programming expert, Professional Speaker & Coach with experience spanning over a decade (13+ yrs). Harsh has transformed and helped more than 25000+ people overcome their fears, phobias, mental state shift, break old patterns, installation of new behaviors, overcoming invisible limitations, personal barriers to professional achievements, blockages in attitude, behavior and habit corrections, resetting the path of life, and who shares with experienced professionals to unleash the charisma within to influence with impact and personal charm.

Coach Harsh * Hypnotist * NLP Master * Keynote Speaker Coach

Hyderabad | New York | Mumbai

The approach that I have, is to ascertain what is the deep-rooted cause of the cause that is having a particular consequence in the life of my client that is a challenge, a roadblock, because of which progress of any and all sort seems to have stagnated. With my skills & expertise in Ericksonian Hypnosis; and precision and mastery in the complete tool kit of Neuro Linguistic Programming, I make the precise micro adjustments to the subconscious belief systems, which results in hyper generativity of those adjustments in all areas of life, thereby aligning the energies within towards the focus and efforts of capabilities, which when applied, amplifies the results within.