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"... my claustrophobia was gone"

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Harsh Singhal

Phobias can feel overwhelming and intense...

“Closed space in the MRI scan was the scariest experience ever. So I reached out to my trusted friend, Coach Harsh, and took a few NLP intervention sessions to resolve my fears. After the sessions, Harsh told me to be at peace and live life fully and observe my surroundings for any changes. Sure enough, one day, I got stuck in the office lift due to a power-cut. It became dark suddenly & I was alone. Until a few months ago I would have screamed bloody murder. But today, I was calm, breathing easily even as the lift slowly moved sporadically across 6 floors (on emergency power). As I came out smiling, I realized that my claustrophobia was gone. I went back and got my MRI checkup done too, and did not panic. I have started seeing an amazing turnaround already. That's the power of NLP interventions done by Harsh for me. Thank you Coach!”

Rashida K, 39, F,

14 yrs Professional Experience, Sr. Project Manager


Harsh Singhal

“My son was scoring in the 40s in his prelims. I knew Coach Harsh and sought his help for my son. He did just 3 sessions for my son. With no additional tuition or coaching my son scored 80% average score in his boards finals.

Sivakumar, 48, Business Owner

Harsh Singhal

A traumatic incident shook my confidence and caused me severe anxiety and panic attacks.My mother had taken sessions with you before,so when I reached out, I was not surprised when all my anxieties were resolved within the first few sessions. I could focus easily & I could get 4 distinctions in my exams. Thank you Coach.

Dr. Arusha, 22, AFMC Graduate

Services Overview

Personal one on one customised sessions to work in a multilayered fashion for total reformation

Harsh Singhal


Childhood trauma, inner child work, anxiety and panic relief, ease migraine, insomnia, energy depletion, medical challenges, psychosomatic issues, bio-hacking and more.
Harsh Singhal


Peak performance, bad habits deletion, time line editing for permanent change, OCD.
Harsh Singhal


Delete phobias, age regression and progression work to resolve inner conflicts, self image/worth challenges, compulsive behaviour transformation etc.


Hi I am Harsh Singhal

An internationally certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer certified & mentored by Dr John Grinder (the co-founder of NLP).

I enable seasoned professionals to delete age old phobias, self negating thoughts, accelerate performance and create choices in life's stuck situations to experience a wholesome, easier and in-joyful living experience, through the power of advanced NLP interventions.

Harsh Singhal
Harsh Singhal
Harsh Singhal

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