Adventures of a Coach 01 - A Strange strange call!

Date 14 September 2016
Strangest unexpected call ever!!
Now I know I'm a young "coach". I KNOW ok!
I was asked for help to overcome panic attacks and fatalistic depressing thoughts?!
Especially when the person speaks well puts it across eloquently! Seems to have no issue in expressing his concerns, is capable of gathering knowledge and resources to solve the trouble himself...
For 78 non-stop minutes I only listened, attuned acutely to this person.
My mind be like ---> #BasKarPaglayAbRulayegaKya
But it didn't feel right.
So profit to me - INR 0.00/- rupees
Experience gained - #Priceless!
ps: For the first time applied use of music therapy, on call, to help someone understand themselves! :P

But to be able to help someone overcome suicidal tendencies?! 
@_@ Me? Huh... I could've never dreamed of doing that.
That's a little beyond it being a bit of a challenge ---> I'm thinking to myself---> :O How can someone depend on me to solve their problem entrenched so deep in their mind and heart?!! ... umm...... Can I do this?
But then I did what I do best, I listened.
Conclusion - sometimes all we need and we crave for is someone who would just listen to us... not judge us... not advise us... JUST listen... It's like. You Know. seeking desperately for a verbal embrace!
78 minutes later...His words at the end of the call - "THANK YOU Sir, you have completely changed my thinking. Now I will go celebrate Eid with my Parents, they've been sad since yesterday, because I was depressed. I believe I can solve my problems with confidence now. Have a good day."
I could've made any amount of money for doing what I did. 
#MusicTherapy #PowerOfWords #BeKind
Lesson learnt - You never know when your words might change someone's life. Choose them wisely.