Coach Harsh resolves personal, private, & confidential challenges for people who feel extremely stressed and tensed to deal with situations, issues or people.

I deal with cases of but not limited to Addictions * Alcohol abuse * Anger management Anxiety * Blushing * Bruxism * Chronic Fatigue Syndrome * Depression * Drug abuse * Eating disorders * Exam stress * Fear of flying Food addiction * Gambling addiction * Gastric band * Insomnia * Irritable bowel syndrome * Low self-confidence * Low self-esteem Obsessions and compulsions * Pain management * Panic attacks * PCOS symptoms * Phobias * Public Speaking * Quit smoking * Relationship issues * Relaxation * Sex addiction * Sexual issues * Sleep disorders * Sports performance Stress * Weight loss

Contact me - +91 988 five three zero 6231

Confidential 1 to 1 services include:
Stress Management,
Crisis Handling,
Relationship Discord & Mediation,
Professional & Social Communication Skills,
Academic Counseling,
Career Counseling,
Cognition & Learning,
Concentration, Memory & Learning Power build up,
Individual Growth & Goal Setting,
Self Motivation,
Time Management,
Lifestyle Management,
Pain/Insomnia/Traumatic Experiences Management
Mid-Life Crisis
Life Coaching
Interventions for changing behavior habits beliefs
(Emergency appointment available at platinum category charges, on request)

My Clients' success stories:
1- - Lady client overcame anger issues when working on overcoming relationship frictions, gaining confidence and speaking with conviction\
2- - client aced in academics with just few interventions to eliminate her fears and anxieties
3- - this person overcame a long standing Migraine and stopped taking powerful pain relieving drugs to be able to lead a more fun-filling life hence
4- - this client was experiencing so much guilt within, that it messed with her sleep and work performance. After my intervention, sleeping cycle is regulated, and maintaining a healthy life is the top priority for her.

Here's what people are saying:
"Harshhh... how do I thank you. Yesterday's session not just helped me to get rid of the on and off headaches i get [since last 7-8months] but the ... world you took me into helped me with some realisations in life. Its all in the mind is a mantra i wanna take home and implement. thank you! As always.. you are awesome" ~ S. Nair, Senior Manager, Reliance

"Sir, the insights [that you shared] I have taken away with me, will last long. Yesterday I met Director Finace of one of my biggest client and impressed him by using the inputs (info., entertain, inspire, persuade) given by you. I faced him & his team in a completely defferent way - Thank you so much." ~ S Reddy, CA, Senior Manager

"Thanks to Harsh Singhal who is my communications coach who helps me better myself every single time. If I need to incorporate something in my session. If I have to have a certain effect on them I call you. Every time u make it happen for me. Ty" ~ Dr. Pavitra, Life Coach, Dentist, Lamaze Expert, WOGA (water yoga) teacher & philanthropist.

“Harsh was able to pinpoint what I was doing wrong and provide proper guidance on how to correct that. Amazingly enough, he did that over two phone conversation…” ~Rishikesh Chhabra, Dance Evangelist, Furor Entertainment

Public Speaking, Presentations, Speech Writing, Speaking, Communicating with impact and power, How to be a memorable and adored speaker.
01) Presentations Coaching - 1 day coaching workshop for Senior Execs.
02) 1 to 1 Coaching Sessions - multiple sessions - for Professionals, Mid level/Senior Managers, Emcees, Performers etc
03) BASICS Speaking & Presentation Workshops – Customizable - 4//6/8/12 sessions

All communication workshops have the following experiential elements:

  • 100% engagement and involvement of all participants
  • 100% learn-and-do-it-yourself methods
  • Overcome your unique challenges
  • Overcome stage fright and nervousness
  • Transform to elevate your speaking comfort level
  • Connect and engage with your listeners
  • Become a conversational speaker
  • Learn how to motivate
  • Handling QnAs, hecklers and more
  • Become the speaker you dreamt to be
  • Be a memorable presenter

Who should join? - YOU!!
Participants are dedicated individuals who want nothing short of excellence from themselves. Programs are designed for Professionals, Business Heads, CxOs, and Entrepreneurs who make the world spin!

  • Aspiring Motivational Speakers
  • Aspiring Trainers
  • Aspiring Emcees
  • Models
  • Radio Jockeys (RJs)
  • TV-TalkShow & Event Hosts
  • Business owners/Entrepreneurs
  • CxOs
  • Charted Accountants(CA)
  • Doctors
  • Event Managers/Anchors
  • HR Managers
  • IT Delivery Managers
  • IT Leads
  • IT Professionals
  • Lawyers
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Multinational Visitors with English as 2nd language
  • Sales and Marketing Heads
  • Teachers
  • Trainers & Facilitators

-I am CoachHarsh
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