Hacking your Neurology for transformational results is a game changer in PERSONAL EXCELLENCE that I deliver.

Do you need A MIRACLE? If you have a genie in front of you wouldn’t you ask the genie to:

ACCELERATE your Career IMPROVE your CONFIDENCE BOOST your performance Athletics, Sports, Special Services, AcademicsLIBERATE emotional stressDEFY your depression, phobias, angerOVERCOME addictionsRESOLVE allergies, migraines, anxieties

I completely resolve your challenges

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Personalized 1 to 1 services include:
Stress Management, Crisis Handling, Relationship Discord & Mediation, Professional & Social Communication Skills, Academic Counseling, Career Counseling, Cognition & Learning,Concentration, Memory & Learning Power build up, Individual Growth & Goal Setting, Self Motivation, Time Management, Lifestyle Management, Pain/Insomnia/Traumatic Experiences Management, Hypnotherapy, Mid-Life Crisis, Life Coaching, Interventions for changing behavior, habits, beliefs, Parenting, child counseling, child education, health and mindfulness sessions, guided meditations, deep trance & hypnotherapy

PREMIUM SERVICES: Available on request based on availability

Here's what people are saying:

"Harshhh... how do I thank you. Yesterday's session not just helped me to get rid of the on and off headaches i get [since last 7-8months] but the ... world you took me into helped me with some realisations in life. Its all in the mind is a mantra i wanna take home and implement. thank you! As always.. you are awesome" ~ S. Nair, Senior Manager, Reliance

"Sir, the insights [that you shared] I have taken away with me, will last long. Yesterday I met Director Finace of one of my biggest client and impressed him by using the inputs (info., entertain, inspire, persuade) given by you. I faced him & his team in a completely defferent way - Thank you so much." ~ S Reddy, CA, Senior Manager

"Thanks to Harsh Singhal who is my communications coach who helps me better myself every single time. If I need to incorporate something in my session. If I have to have a certain effect on them I call you. Every time u make it happen for me. Ty" ~ Dr. Pavitra, Life Coach, Dentist, Lamaze Expert, WOGA (water yoga) teacher & philanthropist.

“Harsh was able to pinpoint what I was doing wrong and provide proper guidance on how to correct that. Amazingly enough, he did that over two phone conversation…” ~Rishikesh Chhabra, Dance Evangelist, Furor Entertainment


Public Speaking, Presentations, Speech Writing, Speaking, Communicating with impact and power, How to be a memorable and adored speaker.
01) Executive Coaching - 1 day - Closed door, transformational workshop for Senior Management to become industry game changers causing radical shifts in personal perspectives
02) 1 to 1 Coaching Sessions - on request - Become better than your competitors
03) Public Speaking Workshop – Customizable - 4/6/8/12 sessions
04) Keynote/Mini Training sessions - 1 hour sessions - on request only

All communication workshops have the following experiential elements:

  • 100% engagement and involvement of all participants

  • 100% learn-and-do-it-yourself methods

  • Overcome your unique challenges

  • Overcome stage fright and nervousness

  • Transform to elevate your speaking comfort level

  • Connect and engage with your listeners

  • Become a conversational speaker

  • Learn how to motivate

  • Handling QnAs, hecklers and more

  • Become the speaker you dreamt to be

  • Be a memorable presenter

Who should join?

YOU!! Participants are dedicated individuals who want nothing short of excellence from themselves.

Programs are designed for Professionals, Business Heads, CxOs, and Entrepreneurs who make the world spin! and…

  • Aspiring Motivational Speakers

  • Aspiring Trainers

  • Aspiring Emcees

  • Models

  • Radio Jockeys (RJs)

  • TV-TalkShow & Event Hosts

  • Business owners/Entrepreneurs

  • CxOs

  • Charted Accountants(CA)

  • Doctors

  • Event Managers/Anchors

  • HR Managers

  • IT Delivery Managers

  • IT Leads

  • IT Professionals

  • Lawyers

  • Marketing Professionals

  • Multinational Visitors with English as 2nd language

  • Sales and Marketing Heads

  • Teachers

  • Trainers & Facilitators

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With the deeper skillsets gained being an NLP Master Practitioner & Excellence Installation Specialist, I precisely analyze what the root cause of the root cause of your troubles you beyond the surface, beyond the obvious and solve it for you in compressed time. This means, that perhaps on your own you may have solved the problem on your own in maybe 7 to 15 years. What if with my help you can achieve the impossible over 3 years?!

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