IF you can speak, you can influence. IF you can influence, you can command the outcomes to always favour you. So Improve your odds, BECOME A MASTERFUL SPEAKER via customised coaching for experienced professionals, SMEs, Tech.Experts, Doctors, CAs, Teachers, Senior/Sales managers.

ALL SPEAKING IS PUBLIC SPEAKING WHETHER IT IS TO 1 PERSON OR TO 1000 PERSONS!!! .... BUT the true magic & the art of public speaking is actually in making those 1 and 1000 persons feel like they are the one & only one that you are speaking for! 
~Harsh Singhal

I conduct customised, focused and result driven training sessions. The focus is based on a thorough understanding of the individual speaking style, thus assessing correctly the core strengths which need razor sharp focus, and polishing areas that demand attention. I help you bring forth crystal clear clarity in your communication style, by providing specific, insightful and actionable areas of improvement. My methods to deliver excellence, are a kaleidoscopic merger of coaching, teaching, training, mentoring and counselling.

You could choose training/s from the curated modules or I customise a training solution based on my experience and understanding of your requirements.

With a decade long growth and exposure in the world of Public Speaking, having presented 300+ speeches & presentations to audiences of many sizes & types, having won many types of Speech contests, I can safely say that I have learned a lot, and there's more yet to learn. It would be a pleasure helping you benefit from my experiences. Since 2006 I've gained valuable insights in the art of public speaking & the magic of connecting with your listeners. While my forte is executive coaching & one on one coaching, I do conduct multi session workshops for teens, students, and professionals.

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