We are all layered human beings. Layered by our experiences gathered over the x number of years of our existence. Joys, Sorrows, Heartbreaks, successes failures, betrayals, trusts, and much more. What one might see, hear or feel - bad - as an outcome can be the result of decades/years worth of conditioning.

The layered causes have particular consequences that become significant challenges because of which progress stagnates.


I can help you make tweaks to the subconscious belief systems, which like a domino effect will bring ease in all areas of life. Wouldn't you like to feel confident within to be able to take on any challenge and learn to grow in your life?

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Below is a broad overview of services offered.



Channelise your energy to maneuver your emotions, habits & behaviors

Discover yourself, unearth your innate capabilities, like a butterfly effect see your ecosystem begin to support you, strengthen your core values. Take charge of your emotions and enable yourself to grow.

Water Sports

High Impact
High Performance Coaching

Do you dream big?

Are you afraid to achieve those dreams?

Something or the other always takes priority over your dreams?

You always feel as if LIFE is pushing you back?


You will learn to think bigger and bolder than ever before and let go of the fear of achievement and failure fear which holds most people back from living a high outcome life. Achievement fear and failure fear promote procrastination and apathy and the result is frequently average or below average performance across multiple life areas. By breaking these fears a whole new world opens for you.

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Life & Business Coaching

What if you could transform your business entirely with radical changes within.

Stagnation in job, no promotion, or simply feeling as if the job is not contributing to your growth anymore, or your voice is lost somewhere in the melee, your bosses and managers do not listen to you at all, or you feel as if your true talent is not being valued by the right kind of people.

Bowling Strike

Personal Excellence

Transform Your Life And Achieve Accelerated Excellence in Life

With alternative methodologies, varying perspectives, by elevating current interpersonal relations, by resolving limiting notions & beliefs, or by taking mind and spirit on a holistic healing journey. It's like going on a journey to find the hidden jewels of your personality.

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Relationship Interventions & Therapy

Unlearn the past habits and emotional baggage and Learn to LOVE again

Unlearn limiting behaviors from your past, and regain clarity in your life.  Egos brush off at every step. Learn unconventional ways of managing egos and prides. Rebuild stronger foundations of the relationships - be it your sibling, parent, child, lover, partner, colleague, friend, or soulmate. Build each other.