Approach that I employ is to know the purpose and cause of challenges and isolate the deep-rooted layered reasons behind them. The layered causes have particular consequences that become significant challenges because of which progress stagnates. With my Mastery in the complete tool kit of Neuro Linguistics Programming and the skills & expertise in Ericksonian Hypnosis; combined with intuitive observations, I make specific minor/micro adjustments to the subconscious belief systems, which results in hyper generativity of those adjustments, in all areas of life. This in turn causes synergy of capabilities within, to affect and amplify the results desired.

To reserve your consultation:

1- Kindly message via Whatsapp to +91 988 5 (three) (zero) 6231
2- Drop email to harsh[at] with subject title in following format: CONSULTATION REQUEST - <your name>
example 1: CONSULTATION REQUEST - Joel Hendrik

example 2: CONSULTATION REQUEST - Rammanohar Ambala

In the message or email:

Please send short/brief summary of:
1- Your challenges that are bothering you
2- How did you reach out to this website? Someone referred you? Or Found on any other social media?

After reviewing message:

You may receive response of how to make your reservation for consultation call

Purpose of Consultation call:

To identify the cause of the challenges and to determine the investment of effort, time, expertise that will be needed to get a workable solution for the client. After the consultation is completed (usually within 24 hours), you will be informed as to what are the possible package of sessions that can be offered to you.
(Note: Fee for these alternative remedial sessions is not fixed, because it is dependent on variety of factors such as - client's awareness, denial or acceptance of causes, emotional state, estimated time needed to attempt resolving the challenge, depth of the issues, changing factors of client's life, delays due to personal events in client's life etc.)


Emotional Mastery

Channelise your energy to maneuver your emotions, habits & behaviors

Discover yourself, unearth your innate capabilities, like a butterfly effect see your ecosystem begin to support you, strengthen your core values. Take charge of your emotions and enable yourself to grow.

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Relationship Interventions & Therapy

Unlearn the past habits and emotional baggage and Learn to LOVE again

Unlearn limiting behaviors from your past, and regain clarity in your life.  Egos brush off at every step. Learn unconventional ways of managing egos and prides. Rebuild stronger foundations of the relationships - be it your sibling, parent, child, lover, partner, colleague, friend, or soulmate. Build each other.

Bowling Strike

Personal Excellence

Transform Your Life And Achieve Accelerated Excellence in Life

With alternative methodologies, varying perspectives, by elevating current interpersonal relations, by resolving limiting notions & beliefs, or by taking mind and spirit on a holistic healing journey. It's like going on a journey to find the hidden jewels of your personality.

Life & Business Coaching

What if you could transform your business entirely with radical changes within.

Stagnation in job, no promotion, or simply feeling as if the job is not contributing to your growth anymore, or your voice is lost somewhere in the melee, your bosses and managers do not listen to you at all, or you feel as if your true talent is not being valued by the right kind of people.

  • CONSULTATION only (no intervention)
    $ 150 - 15 minutes
    $ 200 - 30 minutes (max)




    • Basic  - $350 - per session

    • Advanced - $480 - per session

    • Multiple challenges package - $3k-$5k per month (based on complexity)

Payment Terms:

  • 100% payment in advance for confirmation


  • For Consultation:
    Free reschedule if informed 7 days in advance 
    50% refund for cancellation within and up to 48 hours before the appointment
    No refund for canceling on the day of the appointment


  • For Sessions:
    Free reschedule if informed 7 days in advance

    50% refund for cancellation within and up to 48 hours before the appointment

    No refund for canceling on the day of the appointment