Online coaching is no longer just about adaptability, it's now about a systemic shift in your methods to support my clients' success. I really enjoy online coaching for high outcomes and find it stunning how people can shift from an average mindset to a high outcome one with the rightly tailored coaching that challenges my clients and enables them to push the boundaries of their comfort zone.

Do you think this is for you?!

If yes then dive right in.

This coaching product is not for everyone, definitely not for the faint hearted. Because it is about opening your mind to even more possibilities than you currently hold and with deeply focussed concerted effort, taking systematic action to achieve goals that you may believe are out of your reach.

"Hitch your bandwagons to the stars and land upon the lamp post or the mountains, you choose"

-Harsh Singhal

You will learn to think bigger and bolder than ever before and let go of the fear of achievement and failure fear which holds most people back from living a high outcome life. Fear of Achievement and of failure, promote procrastination, apathy and the consequence is frequently average or below-average performance across various segments of life. When you consistently break these fears and notions around them, YOU open up a whole new world for yourself.

A child is born with just 2 fears. The fear of falling and loud sounds. Everything else is a LEARNED BEHAVIOR. Like massive conditioning of the brain to be average; to not overachieve, to be average. Did you set out as a child to be average? Averageness is conditioned and society itself is effective in its conditioning. ‘High Outcome Coaching’ is designed to undo historic learning and then conditioning high performance as a natural way of being.

Who should take this impactful coaching?

Anyone with an interest in going beyond the ordinary will benefit enormously from this exciting immersion in high performance. (Eligibility: 18+ years. Request for under 18 will be assessed on a case to case basis, or some other program may be recommended for children)

This may involve you overcoming past/current recurring issues, stress, anxiety, unresolved anger-guilt-fear-hurts, bad memories, depression, personality analysis, trauma, habits & addictions, abuse, bereavement, and more.


I help individuals with alternative methodologies, varying perspectives, be it by elevating their current interpersonal relations, or by resolving the limiting notions & beliefs, or by taking their mind and spirit on a holistic healing journey. It's like going on a journey with me to find the hidden jewels of your personality.


Case assessment interaction is mandatory, before onboarding a new client.
Case assessment is charged on a half-hourly basis.

Investment for case assessment: $220/- for 30 minutes

Solutions will be provided as per case basis, only after case assessment review.