Emotional MasterY

Channelise your Energy to maneuver your emotions


Discover yourself, unearth your innate capabilities, like a butterfly effect see your ecosystem begin to support you, strengthen your core values. Take charge of your emotions and enable yourself to grow.


Be it performance in academics sports professional life, peer pressure, expectations from parents / teachers / elders, low self confidence, bullying, harassment, abuse (physical, emotional, sexual), emotionally complicated issues, love troubles, physique/physical changes, how to speak to my crush (girl/guy), handling rejections, knowing fake from real, and real from fake, how not to succumb to social pressures and much much more.


What if YOU had access to a helpful, precise, and amicable process, that enables you to explore a path to gain peace within the silence of the din and over the journey enable yourself to grow your own wings to soar high.


NOTE: Customizable as short 4 day short duration workshop, personal sessions, or other educational houses - available on specific request - pricing varies for group sessions


For individual clients - consultation is mandatory before taking up any package.

Package pricing varies as per challenges and need of clients, as per assessment