Adventures of a Coach 11 - Magic of a Mentor

I've been listening to this term of "mentor", consistently, for quite some time now.

Who is a mentor?

What is a mentor?

Am I a mentor?

Can I be a mentor?

What's the difference between a coach and a mentor?

Can they be same?


These and many more.... I came across the image below, which very neatly encapsulates my own beliefs (to a very large extent)... the WHYs and the WHEREFOREs of this abstract concept called "mentoring"! Perspectives and the thought of "we see things as we are, not as they are" has proved itself to me, over and over, time and again. It's like as if it has presented itself in HD clarity to reinforce my belief system.


Coming back to the thought of MENTORING & how I interpret it... Read on...

  1. The Beginning: 
    Know the "level" of your young warrior who you are about to train! Perhaps you see some potential that may be, can be developed. However, THAT is the goal... But is "that" the level at which you begin honing the skills your mentee or work upwards with the skills the mentee already possesses?
  2. The Journey
    • MENTORING is an honor - for both the Mentor and the Mentee.
    • Its a learning partnership - One might assume that one is the giver and the other is the receiver of what is given. However, the giver and receiver roles keep swapping as the Mentor and Mentee progress in the journey, together.
    • Its a journey of a collective discovery - Exploring and testing the comfort zone, the capacity, the skills and finding out newer arenas .... newer facets of the same warrior!
    • Its a practice - Focussed listening, meaningful reflection, and sincere interest of communication & concern - from both is needed!
    • "Mentoring" is ALWAYS a 2-way path ~Harsh
  3. The Goal: Be a better you!

QUALITIES & SKILLS of a mentor

Qualities are inherent. 
Skills are gained or acquired.

At the same time, both can overlap. Your acquired skills may eventually become your qualities or your inherent qualities may become your skills... Either way be sure to use quality skills skillfully!

I believe A Mentor is someone who lets you glow. I look for the following qualities in a mentor:

  • Honest
  • Authentic
  • Listener
  • Observant

Basically, s/he helps you shine bright like a - H.A.L.O surrounding your enlightened glow!

halo smiley.png



Do you agree with the thoughts?

What is your mentor like?

What is your mentee like?

Is there something that you tried which is completely different from what is shared here...

Please do let us know!

Your Communication Mentor

~Harsh ;)