Adventures of a Coach 04 - A Case of a Curious Counselling

Date: 14 October 2016

Loving the life chosen: ChangeWork The power to transform lives. The power to give hope.
So there was this person who out of the blue had sought tips/techniques based on self-diagnosis for helping with a certain type of communication challenge with a specific person in his professional domain. At that moment it seemed wise to simply answer his question knowing full well that it may not be as effective as when I get the opportunity to analyse the situation and state of mind of the person himself. Nevertheless, dosage given, and as I'd thought didn't hear back from him... until almost 100 days later (3 days ago)... Curious, I asked tentatively - "So what happened then, any progress? He said - ":-)
Nice of you to remember it after all the days gone by.... Haven't seen progress in that area, looks like it will take more work :-)"
"Well Let's meet" I said. He agreed. We met. We spoke. For about 2 hours or so. Armed with NLP and a simple thought to help, I worked on him, for him, subtly. In order to elicit the response from within him and understand his state of mind... Even as our meeting ended on a positive note, with his remark on my youthful (ahem ahem) looks, & it not being in congruence with my higher-wisdom (huh?? LOL) ... BUT to finally receive that whatsapp message from a person who was contemplating his suicidal tendencies not so long ago.... well... it feels quite wonderful indeed!! 🙏😇