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Whether you are a Professional or an Entrepreneur wanting to engage with and convert more clients => more business => more profit... or a student who is seeking to be hired or a professor who just wants to be heard and listened to by their students --> THEN you need me.

Let's collaborate to get you to BLOW UP THE IMPACT that you communicate in half the amount of time!!

BUT!!! Are you willing to INVEST your time, energy and money, for the changes that needs to happen within you? Only when you truly mean YES and say YES to that question, then and only then, let's talk...

Why me? 
With 11 years of exposure, experience, and experiments in the science and art of Public Speaking, I help individuals like YOU, realize, that ALL speaking is public speaking be it to 1 or 1000s of people, for which you don't need to join a herd to be heard! (~Coach Harsh)

As an NLP Practitioner, I look beyond the surface, beyond the obvious. I hit the proverbial nail on the head when coaching a client and addressing their challenges in a way that accelerates their own growth. For this, my clients from Qualcomm, Google, ThoughtWorks, NexTag, InsightOutreach, Tech Mahindra, TechWave Consulting Ltd., Xilinx, Sasken, CipherCloud, Qualcomm, Aurobindo Pharmaceuticals have appreciated me time and again. Click Here to see Testimonials

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